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Edana Fia

I absolutely love Bleach!


heh, its cool right? ^_^ are you current with the manga? you see the difference dont you? :D

Devia Luna

I agree with you on the fact that the style's changed. But personally, I never really got into Bleach. I like Kubo's newer series, Zombie Powder, a lot better. That might be just my opinion, though. I think the plot's better, and the art.


aww you should try it out. its been getting good recently.

but ZP was before bleach though, it ended in 2000 and bleach started in 2001 i believe. i'd like to start reading ZP myself....

Devia Luna

I guess... I've been reading Death Note and Megatokyo more than anything else, along with Loveless. It's borderline yaoi, which normally I don't care fore, but it's surprisingly good.


You'd love ZP, though. It's funny.

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